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—  Tanning  —


Our all natural tanning solution is formulated with organic dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a compound formula derived from sugar. When airbrushed on skin the DHA reacts with the amino acids on the surface layer of skin which produces a darkening effect. As you lose those dead skin cells your tan will fade gradually, just as an actual sun tan does. We offer both a standard medium and a dark shade. We can even add a little sparkle to your tan, just ask about our glitter!



Before your Tan

 In order to get the most out of your spray tan we have a few tips to best prepare you:

  • Please shower and remove any oils and/or moisturizers from your skin prior to your appointment.

  • We recommend full body exfoliation before your tan, this will free your skin of any lose skin cells allowing the solution to adhere to fresh cells.

  • Do any shaving or hair removal before your appointment.

  • Plan not to wash your hair the day of your appointment, any soaps used in your first shower following your appointment will strip the tan off your skin (We offer hair caps upon request).

  • It is best to wear dark, loose fitted clothing to your appointment.

After Care

Rinse solution off within recommended time frame. You will not want to use any soaps during your first shower, just a good rinse with water. Do your best to keep your skin as moisturized as possible this will extend the length of your tan, however refrain from using a moisturizer containing mineral oils. Any exfoliation and shaving will cause the tan to come off more quickly. Remember to wear sunscreen!



Airbrush Tan

—  Solution remains on skin for a recommended minimum of 8 hours —

Express Tan

—  Solution remains on skin for a recommended 2-2.5 hours maximum —



Three Airbrush Tans


(Valued at $120)

Five Airbrush Tans


(Valued at $200)

Packages apply to our Standard Airbrush Tans, upgrades to the Express Tan are available upon request. Packages are valid for up to six months after purchase.


Available by appointment only